Zenuta - settlers attack shepherds

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Raya Y. (reporting) and Muhammad. Editor: Mira; Translator: Natanya

Route 60:

Fares from Zenuta reports that this morning settlers attacked their shepherds and did not allow them to approach the Meiter farm (of Yinon). The settlers are becoming more and more arrogant and harassing the Palestinians which is not what happened in previous years.

Route 317:

The illegal Assael outpost ( which we expect to be declared legal in the future),  is expanding. One can see the construction of more houses, and bulldozers at work.

Nasser al-Adara of At-Tuwani says that these days, since Ben Gvir has entered the government, many settlers are harassing the shepherds. In addition, soldiers set up many roadblocks during the day at irregular hours.

Route 356:

At the Zif intersection there is a military vehicle and at the entrance to Yatta soldiers check the vehicles.