Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Jayyus north 965

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Nura Resh and Hanna Aviram

“The people above, those who sell the arms, they create the conflict. The small people are those who suffer from it” (a Palestinian waiting at the Jiyus CP in order to reach his lands).

Falamiya North: 5:53 – about 25 persons have already gathered near the CP. According to one of the waiting people, there is no trouble in getting passage permits at the CP. The validity of the permits is according to need – two years, a year, three months (‘those who have olives”).

6:01 – soldiers approach the entrance path and people pass, at first one by one, show their documents to the soldier who is in the watch post located on the other side of the system road. Although people continue arriving at the CP little by little it seems that today less people pass then at the previous observations.

6:20  - They close the pedestrian CP and open the vehicle CP. In addition to the tractors, pedestrians, bicycles, a donkey and its rider also pass at this CP.

6:28 – we left.

Jayyus North: We arrived here at 6:40 and immediately after us there arrived a military vehicle manned by the soldiers who had activated the Falamie North CP. At this hour two tractors and six persons are waiting for the passage.

6:57 – The CP was opened and in the meantime 5 tractors and 10 persons who wished to pass by it were added. Amongst them, there was a boy who was asked to open his satchel on to the ground. Another buy who arrives with an adult is not allowed to pass. A soldier explains to the man that the boy can pass if his father has a passage permit.

When the man who had a conversation with us and his words are cites above arrives at the checking post on the system road, he is delayed a bit. He called to us and asked: “Did I talk badly about the soldiers?” After all, If one has authority and strength, why not use them?

7:13 – Apart from the boy, everybody has passed and they are now on the ‘System Road’.

In a conversation, which developed with the soldiers, the girl soldier says that “one does not limit movement (but) arrange it”.

7:19 – The barrier was closed although it was supposed to be closed at 7:25. “They already know (to arrive on time)” the soldiers explain, “nobody will arrive now”.

…..so perhaps those above create the dispute but those who act according to orders strengthen it…