A visit to MasaferYatta

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Smadar Becker (reporting) with Muhammad. Photo by Smadar and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
מסאפר יטא - בית אבו האני
מסאפר יטא - גן הירק של אבו האני
מסאפר יטא - בבית אבו האני

At the Meitar checkpoint, the parking lots are crowded. We made a round inside to see what the condition of the stalls was. There is a rather large fruit and vegetable stand and next to it drinks and pastries. According to Muhammad, more stalls are being set up in the afternoon. 

In At-Tuwani we met Nasser Adara who accompanies us. As he gets in the car, he shows us an up-to-date report about the demolitions in Zif and Khalat el Maya.

On the way out of At-Tuwani in the direction of Mufakara, Nasser points to a house under construction. The owner has been given a warning to stop construction in another 21 days. In his opinion this is positive, because construction is allowed to continue and maybe there is a hope that it will not be demolished. 

In Mufakara new plaster has been added on some houses. At the exit from the village, in front of Mitzpe Abigail, settlers have planted trees on the land of the a family from Rakiz. There were a number of attempts to plant that were stopped by the police, but the settlers  came back at night and planted anyhow. The family is not going to remain silent about it  and sued the settlers.

Nearby, a new post has been set up by the settlers. It is not known what its purpose is.

Nasser suggested we visit Abu Hani. He is the one to whom the demonstrators tried to bring a water tank. In the second demonstration, it succeeded. He, his wife and sister, live in a really small house, on the land of his family. (Belongs to Mufakara). It turns out that settlers grazed their flocks in this area and he decided in 2016 to build the house and also established a vegetable garden and a small vineyard that provide for them the basic food.

From the hill on which he sits there is a view of the desert and the villages scattered around.

There was a fascinating conversation with Nasser and Abu Hani about the daily life in which there is not one peaceful day. Now a military exercise is to be held for a month but in addition, demolitions and non-stop harassment.

On the way back we stopped in Susiya to hear from Nasser Nawaja’ who was present this morning during the demolitions in Zif and Khalat al Maya.