Etzion DCO: An Israeli employer refuses to pay the wages of a Palestinian worker

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg

We only had three people who asked us for help. One of the problems was convincing the Palestinians that they have to put on a mask when they approach us and not come too near. One man said he had no mask but afterwards when he had to go into the hall  he took one from his car. 

A very old and dodder man approached us. Even the Palestinians found it hard to understand exactly what he wanted. He has much back pain and said that a settler had hit him while he was on his land and since then he has had pain. This was over a year ago. It was not clear if he wanted to go into the offices to complain but did not know who the man was nor had he seen him.

One man has worked for two years with an employer and in the last two months the employer refused to give him his pay and went to the police claiming that he had stolen from him. We gave him the number of Abad of Kav Laoved.


A Palestinian guide arrived and said that he  has not worked for six months nor has he been allowed into Israel. He wants a permit now for just one day to see his family. But because of Corona he was refused. The man said that the situation in Bethlehem is not bad but in Hebron there are many people ill.

A man said his father had been a Shahid and had been one of the leaders of the Palestinians and had been killed from the sky. We could not get quite the correct story but since then he has been prevented of entering into Israel.

And as usual we gave Sylvia’s Team details to various people.