Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Ronny P., Nina S. Translator: Hanna K.

The Occupation Routine, Expansion Works at the entrance to Azzun.

On the way to Falamiya we passed the entrance to Azzun where a big building enterprise is taking place, it is not clear whether it is the broadening of the roads or perhaps the building of a square, so that one would be able to enter road no. 55 safely? It is not clear, but the metal gate stands at the side and cannot function as a gate.

12:55 Falamiya CP 914

The gate is already open and the first persons are just passing through, a number of tractors, most of them with hyssop (za’atar) , one also with olives. The pedestrians who pass mount the tractors and continue with them. Ronit asks the soldiers to their opinion about the series “passages”.  They say that the situation at the basic training is as bad as is depicted in the series, but that the series stresses the problems of the soldiers who have difficulties adapting.

13:15 – The gate is being closed. A latecomer worker runs to make it through the gate and the soldiers wait for him.

13:25 – The Falamiya Jayyus CP 935

We arrive at the gate a few minutes after the soldiers as we are driving on a bumpy road while the soldiers take the major route.

There were few persons passing, a tractor with empty crates driving to the field.

The soldiers confirm that they now continue to gate Jiyus north 965, and that a solution has been found for the lock which wouldn’t open last week. Regretfully we have to return to Israel and cannot continue to Gate 965.