Terqumiyah, al Power: The occupation continues to be tough and heavy

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Hagit Beck Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

We heard from the Etzion District Coordination and Liaison Office that few Palestinians were going there and that they were being sent to the office at Terqumiyah Checkpoint.    We therefore decided to go there.  All the people who live between Hebron and Bethlehem go there.  When we arrived there were 10-15 people waiting in line.  The office is open every day from 10:00 to 16:00.

Most of the people were requesting special permits to enter Israel to look for work.  This type of permit is given to people who are married, have a magnetic card, and who have no ban to enter Israel from the special services or the police.  The permit is given for one week each month – a condition that has worsened since it was previously given for ten days each month.  . 

We was that the parking lot was being expanded and a road was being paved to allow Palestinian trucks to enter.  The Palestinian workers at the checkpoint told us that everything was OK and that the occupation was difficult as usual.


On our way back we saw that the gate to the Al Fawar refugee camp was closed.  I dare to think that gatesinfo-icon next to a pillbox are closed far too easily.  This is what happens in Idna, Beit Awa, Al Fawar, Ibda, and Hursa,  The closureinfo-icon of gates is justified by the claim that people throw Molotov cocktails.  Freedom of movement for the Palestinians doesn’t interest anyone and collective punishment  is a matter of routine in the occupation.  This is how terrorists are made.