Anin: the occupation breeds terror

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Telephone report to Shuli Bar


Mahmoud from the village of Anin called me this morning and at first had difficulty choosing his words. He wanted to apologize 'from me to all your friends and family' for the murder that occured in Bnei Brak last night. He usually speaks Hebrew carefully but now caution does not help him. He struggles to be precise and finally he wants to know if I understood: ‘You know what I mean, yes?’

I know.

‘Today I didn’t go to work at the olive grove (in the Seam Zone) ... and almost all the village farmers stayed home.’

The town Yabed from which the killer came, is not far from Anin to the east. And the city of Umm al-Fahm, from which the murderers in Hadera originated, overlooks the village of Anin from the west.  Terrorism escalates and in a way approaches Mahmoud's home as well. Violence brings their home closer to our home. Mahmoud wants to say that the fear of terrorism is common.

An hour later, Mahmid from the village of Taibeh called.  He complains that he cannot reach his olives in the seam zone. For several days now, large concrete blocks have been scattered on the road behind the checkpoint, blocking the tractor. He asks me to do magic that will eliminate the obstacles. Once we managed to do such magic at the Anin checkpoint. At first they denied having the blocks there and finally cleared the road within three hours of working with a bulldozer. I asked Mahmid to send photos of the concrete blocks on the road. The soldier at the checkpoint told him that it was forbidden to take photos.

We will continue following the situation.