Khirbet Tiran - violent riot by settlers from the Yinon Levy farm

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Smadar Becker (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad Dabsen (photographing); Translator: Natanya
ח'רבת טיראן - בשיג המשפחה עם תאופיק זעריר
ח'רבת טיראן - הכנת אבני היוגורט. ממתינים ליבוש מוחלט

South Mount Hebron, Khirbet Tiran


Khirbat Tiran stands on the hills to the west of the Shima Junction, and access to it is difficult. From Highway 60, in front of the destroyed village of Zanuta, turn left onto a dirt road. We chose to visit Khirbat Tiran after reports from activists who are often there and documentation of settlers from the Yinon Levy farm who arrived on Purim, rioted as usual, terrible violence.

The journey is slow, full of obstacles and stone blocks that forced us to stop several times and move them so that we could make our way through.

Two brothers, Tawfiq Za’rir and his brother, Rafiq Za’rir, have lived there for decades. Taufiq has 12 children, 2 married daughters. Rafiq has 12 children, 4 married daughters. The married girls do not live with the parents' family.

We are greeted happily by the children who remembered us from a previous visit. We enter the Shig, the place where visitors are received and ask to hear Tawfiq. He tells about the event during Purim that was recorded on video by activists who were there.

Tiran is a very short distance from the Yehuda farm of the settler Eliashiv Nahum and the Meitar farm of Yinon Levi. The are known for their cruelty. The activists try to sleep there several days a week, but it is not always possible.

The children are at home and not at school, because as we have already documented, most village children study twice a week and the rest of the days sometimes on Zoom, which can not really be called regular studies.

The pasture is right next to the residential area because of the threat of the settlers who do not allow the Za'rir brothers to move away further. The water is purchased every few days in Dahariya.

In the winter Tawfiq sows the agricultural lands he owns between Samu’ and Shweike and in the summer he goes with the herd to graze there.

He asks if we can help stay in Tiran when he won't be there. Unfortunately, sleeping there will not be possible. Hope the wonderful activists will help them.

We left clothes and a food package that as aways makes them happy.

This is the occupation.