Accompanying shepherds in Hamra

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Nurit Ofer, Tommy R., Gali Hendin (report)

We accompanied the shepherd M. and his flock today, near the Hamra colony in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley.

M. Stayed home in order to host a visit by "Women for Peace", and sent us to graze the flock with his brother. Nurit and Tommy are new at this, Tommy has already joined the activity, and for Nurit this is a first time.

As the veteran of the bunch, I explained to them the purposes of the accompaniment, rules and codes which we try to keep, as well as some background information about the specific community and its hostile environment.

Around us the flock of Z. was grazing too, the 13-year-old cousin of M., usually in our field of vision. 

After a few rainy days, the area is green again and the flock enjoys plenty of fresh green grass. We climbed high, but did not wander off too far to the south.

Fortunately, the day went without any special events.