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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Sal'it Checkpoint

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Many residents of Kfar Sur work in Moshav Sal'it in industry and gardening. Sal'it  is very close to the village of Sur. At the end of the village you can see the roofs of Sal'it. In 2003 with the construction of the Separation Fence in the area the problems started. The fence was erected to divide  Sal'it from the villages of a-Ras and Sur to the east, and the village of Jamal and Palamia to the south. An agricultural checkpoint 839 was constructed, as some of the villages have agricultural land west of Sal'it. You need permits to cross it in at alloted times.

In the past, there was also a door in the fence that was opened according to the needs of the workers from Kfar Sur. Recently the army decided to close it and all the people of Kfar Sur are forced to reach checkpoint 839 via the Ephraim crossing on a long way by vehicles.