Hizma, Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, יום ב' 8.6.09, בוקר

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Yael I., Yehudit E., Orit Y., and Ilana D. (reporting

From 2:30 till 500 PM
Ramot CP, Beit Iksa, Bidu, ‘sunken road', Bir Naballa, Semiramis, Qalandiya and Leel.

It was a hot day and we were extremely fortunate to have a\Yehudit E. as our guest -an excellent guide. Therefore we were not sorry to spend most of our shift exploring new vistas in Orit's air-conditioned car.

On our way to Beit Iksa we saw that the gate on the Eastern side of the Ramot CP was open. Apparently trucks building the continuation of the wall South of the Givat Zeev CP were using the old road to New Beit Hanina. As we approached the soldiers and guards at the CP were shouting and whistling at us (Hee-Haw) - we continued a little up the hill and didn't see much and then proceeded to talk with the soldiers. We were told that the area is completely off-limits to us, but the official information could not be produced. Apparently the orthodox Jews from Ramot also try to take a shortcut to Nebi Samuel through the gate and are not allowed to do so - ‘it is extremely dangerous'. A political discussion followed. The commander finally agreed with us that Palestinians may also have some claims, but his colleague was not at all convinced and decided that it is a fact that God loves ‘us' more - so there you are! We left.

Turning right at a fork in Beit Iksa we reached the gate which we was familiar to us on its eastern side, located beyond the new settlement of Mount Samuel across the road from Nebi Samuel. And continued to the left
where road and wall construction was on the way. There was a CP and border police for traffic from the other direction, which we ignored. We reached Bidu where we received further instructions at a large gas station. The road turned right and downhill and then changed into a newly asphalted road with signs wishing us a pleasant trip. Down and down we drove and reached the area under the New Givon with its interrupted tunnels over a length of about 1.5 km. Then turning left to close to the Eastern side of the Givat Zeev CP.
We decided to inspect the changes at that CP another week, because we feared being turned away and continued until we reached Bit Naballa from the North and turned left into the new road which knew from earlier shifts under Road 443 leading straight to the village of Qalandia and to the left towards Ramalla. There was no CP at all and we proceeded unhindered to Semiramis where we turned right at the tailors' shop under the Galaxy sign over the road and reached Qalandia. There was a long queue of vehicles into Jerusalem
and since it was getting late, we decided to proceed to the Hizme CP via Leel, where no one checked us. We tried to check the road we took on maps and were unable to find any sign of the ‘sunken' hidden, mysterious secret road. There were no signs whatsoever pointing to any Palestinian village or town. No soldier stopped us nor did we pass any CP on the long way around from Ramot until Hizme..