Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Qalqiliya, Te'enim Crossing, Wed 24.6.09, Afternoon

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Ofra H. Tami C.; Natanya translating

A very hot day and there is uncertainty about the procedures of the various checkpoints. Because we wanted to be at Eyal when the workers returned we only went out at 15.00 with the driver Nadim.


We arrived at the checkpoint 1351 which divides between those coming and going between Ras Atiah and Ras a Tira  and after we saw the destruction caused by the fence and the "annoying" wall. There are soldiers, artillery,  who carry out faithfully the various orders such as what can be taken through, by whom, how many times a day, how much...one has to have a doctorate or a professorship and this so as to carry out the orders.. The DCO representative is not allowed to interfere because this immediately upsets the "security."

At the side of Ras Atiya is a van with goods. The driver wants to go to his home in the Bedouin village which is in the envelope area but the van is registered on his brother's name and his car which is on his name is being fixed at the garage. The commander has no answer but that he must go back and meantime the man is waiting for his brother to come with the permit and maybe that will solve the problem. But the commander says that his brother already went through once today and cannot go through a second time. If you can understand you are geniuses but we do not understand anything and the frustration leaves us only with the hope that the problem will be solved soon. Everyone is very hot including the soldiers and the Bedouin who wants to go home.

15.15 Qalqiliya

The buildings of the checkpoint are prepared but not manned and the soldiers watch from behind the fence which will be open to the traffic going through.

16.15 Anabta
The checkpoint is still in its temporary place and reservists pass those coming through easily. From afar, where the old checkpoint was, one can see the completion of the new checkpoint, a sentry tower and checking booths with accessories.

16.47 The Te'enim crossing

A happy group of reservists meet us with smiles and merriness and cause those arriving also to smile. They had not heard of us and had to get permission for us to go through to Jubara.  They have been there for two weeks and not been faced with this problem before. It took 30 minutes for the refusal to come through. We contacted the department of the brigade and after 15 minutes got permission to go through.

17.15 The children's crossing

The reservists met us with pleasure and asked where we came from and if we were volunteers. More and more and we were glad to tell them of our reasons and they appreciated this very much though they did not agree with everything. Little conversations like this sometimes help.

17.40 We came to Eyal which was empty only a few wanting to enter.