'Azzun 'Atma, Wed 1.7.09, Morning

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Dalya W., Eti K., Nurit W-L., Translator: Charles K.

‘Azzun ‘Atma

06:50  A number of laborers are still stuck at the checkpoint.  Only one soldier inspecting and next to him a Seam Line volunteer who tried to chase us away.

  The laborers complained that the checkpoint has been crowded since it opened this morning, because only one soldier is inspecting.  

We called the Qalqilya DCO, complained and asked them to reinforce the shifts to prevent delays and crowding.  They told us they’d look into it!


Moreover, according to earlier information, a new (delusional) regulation was supposed to be implemented today, that even people working in the nearby settlements won’t be allowed to go through this checkpoint and wait for their employers, but will have to go to Eyal.  It didn’t happen, but there are still stubborn rumors to that effect.