'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 16.8.09, Morning

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Yael B. and Diza Y. – reporting

Translation: Hanna K.


08:00 Za'tara: The CP for the traffic from the west is deserted.

There is a queue of about 50 vehicles for vehicles coming from the north.
There are two checking lanes. While we were staying there for a few minutes the cars passed without checking and it seemed that the long queue was caused by the great number of vehicles coming from the north.
Later, when we went in the direction of Huwwara we  saw many cars driving in the direction of the CP.

 08:15 Beita.
A Border Police jeep is stationed opposite the village. A taxi is being checked.
2 minutes later it leaves and goes on its way. The soldiers do not pay us any attention and don't ask us to clear the place.

 08:20 Awarta. There is one truck at the CP.

 08:25 Beit Furik.
Cars are driving in the two directions without being checked.
A soldier sits at the CP, it doesn't seem that he watches the vehicles at all.

 08:30 Huwarra DCO.
It began functioning about 2 minutes after we arrived.
There are 20 people waiting. After a few moments all entered.

08:40 Huwwara CP.
At the parking lot there is a single station wagon. Its passengers are tourists from Spain who were at Nablus and are now going for a visit in Israel. They were unaware of our existence and expressed their appreciation when we told them about our activities.

About 15 vehicles at the exit from Nablus. Random checks. There are 2 cars at the entrance to Nablus had to return. According to the DCO representative who was on the spot, that was because they were carrying cargo. Indeed on the roof of one of them there was cargo. The driver turned around and left the place. The second driver argued some moments with the soldiers. We, who stood at a distance because we were not allowed to approach, didn't see whether there was cargo on the roof or in the car but the driver was forced to turn around and drive away.

 08:55 We left the place.