'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 19.11.09, Afternoon

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Mecky S., Amira (reporting); Natanya translating

line lengthens as the sun sets. The Palestinians go towards the post of the
Military Police at the booth, put their IDs into the slot so as to prove that
they have returned to the village. Because only one post is working the line
lengthens and 10s of workers returning from work wait. Another soldiers deals
with a line taking the IDs with no slot and no computer. Writes down by hand
the number and so the line to some extent shortens. We phone the DCO about this
procedure, The Palestinians are joking with us? With us?  And Immediately
a man arrives and pours his anger out on us in excellent Hebrew. On us, the
helpless representatives of the state. "The Jews do not want peace.
Everything is quiet. There is no terror and our lives get worse and worse and
we are more caged in. Soon you will put a fence around each house. The Jews do
not want peace."