Eyal Crossing, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Ras 'Atiya, Thu 29.7.10, Afternoon

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Yaffa W., Riva B.

Translator:  Charles K.


15:25  On the way to Funduq we glanced at the Habla agricultural gate.  No one was waiting.


15:33  Eliyahu crossing/Gate 109

From the car we saw about five Palestinians, apparently a family, next to the inspection facility.  Some seem to have already been checked.


15:55  Funduq

We came here to deliver entry permits to Israel to the five participants from Funduq in the film, “Area C,” to be shown tomorrow.  We were delayed somewhat coordinating, because for some reason one of the five permits hadn’t arrived.  Together with the willing DCO representative, he’ll receive the permit at the Qalqilya DCO this evening.  God willing.


16:40  Eliyahu crossing/Gate 109

Right next to us at the crossing stood a Palestinian couple and a soldier speaking on a walkie-talkie, apparently about them.  We didn’t think it appropriate to intervene.


16:45  Another glance, this time at the security road with its many fences on the way to Ras Atiya and Ras Atira.  In addition to the forbidding fence alongside the road, a fence of concertina wire has been added 10-20 meters north of it, robbing more of the area’s pasture and land.  A violent act against the locality, not to mention its effects on the inhabitants of the village imprisoned within.


16:50  Habla agricultural gate

The new canopy where people wait is empty and burning in the sun.  About 30 people sought shade on the ground behind it, particularly behind the well-house.  Today, for some reason, the soldiers preferred that people cross one by one, and not in fives…an arbitrary decision, as was the decision to refuse entry to a Palestinian resident of Habla through the agricultural gate because his permit specifies entry via 109.  I spoke with the DCO representative, who promised to talk to the commander, but the man, annoyed, had already.


17:40  Eyal crossing

A fair number of people went through, but without any noticeable problems.