'Azzun 'Atma, Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Tue 15.6.10, Afternoon

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Didika Y. (and her quiet dog Tomy) and Shoshi A. (reporting)


We drive up on road no. 505 and stop at Azoun Atma. It's quiet here. In the wooden shed there are two woman soldiers and two men soldiers, weary in the heavy heat. We take road no. 5 in the direction of Ariel.

We turn left to road no. 5066, and drive along a defective, unknown road. Didika reveals rare courage. She likes to stray along unknown roads.

The main road of Haras is quiet. It is lined with old houses as well as new, modern ones. We asked how one can get to Jam'in and three locals in a white Polo car signal to us that we should follow them.

To our right there is a condominium, 6 stories high, quite an unusual sight in the region.

We drive along a steep descent on an unpaved road leading to an olive grove. I pray that the car would be able to resist the hardships. Didika decides to turn around and go in the other direction, quite happy that she lost her way a bit. We stop on the way near a mother with two children who get excited on seeing the dog.

– we meet on the way a friendly man who tells us that he lives both in Kuweit and in the village. He has two families and he's come to visit his children in the village. Very proudly he shows us his house and gives us his name and telephone number.


Huwwara -  coffee break and shopping. We drive to the CP. A long queue of cars, way back before the square. A bus of the Central Company for the Development of Samaria bypasses the queue.

The soldier who meets us: "it seems you got mixed up." We laugh and he understands immediately "oh, Machsom Watch" – a direct hit.
He explains to us that there's been a military exercise and that's the reason for the congestion at the CP. A short while later the traffic begins to flow.

We turn right in the direction of Shavey Shomron. At the junction leading to Yitzhar there are four soldiers. We ask if something has happened and they answer that there is an exercise. And again at the turning to the Gilad farm there are three army jeeps. The soldiers again explain that this is only an exercise.

We turn right to Dir Sharef. Near the CP there is a Hummer and two soldiers. The (old) road to Shavey Shomron is blocked. A soldier asks us what is happening? We smile and he says I thought you lost your way…


Tul Karemwe take road 557. At the CP there is a queue.

The Figs passage – Didika requests an authorization to pass on foot.

. A long wait. Me and the dog sweat in the car. They don't open the gate for us.

– Ephraim Gate – many people come back from work. There is no queue and the passage is smooth.

17:15 – end.