Hizma, Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Mon 8.11.10, Afternoon

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Natanya G. and Phyllis W. (reporting)


 15:30, Qalandiya:  When we reached Qalandiya, friends told us that there had been no special problems at the CP that day.  Lines had been short and the flow of people had been steady.  During the afternoon there was no line in the northern shed and the lines in the three active internal passageways had been short.  But in Passageway No. 2, two young women from Gazawere waiting, I.D. cards and permits in hand.  The two were having trouble.  One of them, waiting at the side of the examination area, was weeping quietly.  Before we even managed to try and talk with them (and ask for their phone numbers), the two were called into the examination room and we never saw them again.  We phoned Headquarters after half an hour and were put through to Keinan.  He told us that a number of people from Gazahad been at the DCO offices that day.  All of them had received permits and continued on to Gaza, including the two women whom we had seen. we didn't run into any other problems at the CP, which remained fairly empty of people untilabout 16:45.  So we sat in the northern shed and spoke with passers by.  We met Atef Ali Hassan Malki who told us that his I.D. card had been taken by BP soldiers the previous week at Gib CP and never returned.  He didn't know what to do – you can't live without an I.D. card and a new one can cost about NIS450 (over $100) or so they say.

We met 4 charming young men (19 years old) from Nablus.  Three of them had received permits to work in agriculture in Moshav Patza'el in the JordanValley.  You can't find much work in Nablus.  They said they would like to go to pray at the El Aksa Mosque during the Id el Adha holiday next week.  Not much chance of that…. 

We also met a foreman from one of the factories in the AtarotIndustrial Park.  He's married with 6 children, living in a town between Jerusalemand Ramallah.  Both he and his wife work shifts at Atarot (he works 2 shifts, 14 hours a day).  Smiling sadly he told us that the two of them only meet up at the CP because he works nights and she works a day shift.  Oh the stories….what a life…. We left Qalandiya at 17:00to drive back to Jerusalem.  There were no lines at Lil/Jabba or at Hizmeh CPs.