'Anabta, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Wed 27.10.10, Morning

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Nura R., Shosh D., Yael S., Zehava G. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.


Habla 06:45 –

The gate is supposed to open at 06:30 but is still closed. A bus with children arrives and waits to enter. The soldiers  (only three) explain, as usual, that there are problems with the computers.
06:50 – The first five people enter for checking. Beyond the gate about 50 people are waiting…
06:55 – The driver of the children's bus returns from being checked and the bus enters without being checked by the soldiers.
Shouts and quarrels begin among those who wait beyond the gate, although the groups of five pass at the usual tempo… We know the quarrels from our previous visits. For some reason there is no person of authority around to put matters in order. The Palestinians press on the gate and the soldiers stand on the other side and shout to them to move away to reduce the pressure.  
07:00 – A second bus with children enters. Although the students are a bit older, the bus is not checked. Is there a shortage of manpower at the IDF?
07:10 – The spirits among the Palestinians have calmed down. Now there are only 30 people waiting.

The Eliyahu Crossing (Gate 109)
07:20 –
The workers' enclosure is empty at this hour.


07:45 - conversation consisting of memories with an agriculturer from Kafr Gamal who rides on his bicyles to collect olives from his  trees which are on a higher lever. He is also a paver by profession, provides for 7 sons and daughters and speaks very good Hebrew. He is proud of his two sons who study at the Nablus university. Until 17 years ago he worked in Israel as a young man at a company which lets chairs on the Netanya beach and he longs for his Israeli friends and the sea.

Dir Sharaf
08:25 – We set out in the direction of Kafr Sur, and at the first intersection at the entrance to the village we turn eastwards on a road which is not marked on the map. When we arrive at a branching we turn to the left and go up to Safrin and from there on a steep descent until we reach road 557 and Nablus.
At the intersection with road 60 there is a military hummer with soldiers. They don't delay the traffic. We go on the road to Shave Shomron and Jenin to see whether everthing flows, and entered Dier Sharef. We wanted ti talk with Jamal from the grocery but he wasn't there.

10:00 –
The CP exists in all its splendor and accessories. We didn't see any soldier.

10:15 (We leave at Irtah(Sha'ar Efraim/