'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 28.11.10, Morning

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Yael B., Edna L., Ditzah Y. (reporting), Translator: Judith G.




‘Azzun ‘Atma:  Only a few people at the checkpoint;  going through quickly.  Next to the checkpoint there are a few Palestinians waiting for transport.  They complain that they are not allowed to enter Israel from this checkpoint (except to the settlements),even if they have a work permit, so they have to travel long distances consequently in order to reach the farther checkpoint.



Za'atra:  There are signs hanging at the checkpoint: "Strike”,  continuing the freeze - beginning the uprooting.  There is lots of movement from the north, but no delays at the checkpoint.



'Awartah:  checkpoint - forbidden to enter or leave Nablus.  The guard tower is abandoned.  Only an IDF water tank remains.  We approached the building next to the checkpoint to speak with the owners  When we asked them if it is good or bad that they moved the exit for trucks to Huwarra, they said it didn't make any difference.



Huwarra:  No inspection of vehicles entering Huwarra: from the town - random inspection.  But, during our stay there, a car was carefully inspected with the help of a dog, and then continued on its way.  In the town itself, 2 Palestinians spoke with us and asked for our help in getting a work permit in Israel.  One of them - about 36, father of 6, has tried 5 times since the age of 25 to get the desired permit, but was refused, even though he had never had any trouble with the army or the police.  The second, married to 2 wives, father of 7, worked in Israel before the Intifada, had some problem with the police, but was absolved, in his words, and he has an employer waiting for him - but has been refused.  We referred them to Silvia.



Za'atra:  A number of vehicles traveling southward, no inspection.



At Sha'ar Shomron a settler was standing next to the Border Guard policeman helping him check people going out.