Azun Atma, Huwwara, Awarta and Beit Furiq

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Esti V., and Nava A.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translation:  Suzanne O.


The 'Beinish'* in Beit Furiq:  We are here to guard 50 metres of Madison Way, the Jews only road, to avoid strife between the Palestinians and the settlers.


Azun Atma

6:20 a.m. 

Roadblock routine:  the labourers are back to being crowded between the netting of the corral leading to the turnstile.  New today: the roadblock dance is back again.  A military policeman stands between the turnstile and the kiosk with the computer and asks each and every labourer to roll up his coat and expose his stomach.  It would be interesting to know if they have 'hot' warnings regarding the new danger posed by the Azun Atma labourers.  The inspection procedure holds the queue up and it is a long queue.


Shomron Crossing:  there is no police presence at the entrance and hardly any queue at the exit.


6:45 a.m.

The entrances to Marda and Zeita are open.



6:50 a.m. 

The traffic flows, the soldiers hardly look at those passing through.


Yitzhar/Borin roadblocks

There is no military activity.


Beit Furiq

7:15 a.m

The roadblock has risen from the dead.  3 Beinishes guard the line of spikes that has been laid out across the entrance lane to the town and the cars in both directions have to weave round it so as not to drive over the spikes.


We try to find out what's so special today and they explain that a new company is in charge and it is alert and responsible.  According to them the spikes are to guard Madison Way so that the Palestinians do not drive on it in the direction of the settlements so that no 'strife' is caused between them and the settlers on the 50 metres between Beit Furiq and the entrance to Nablus.



7:25 a.m. 

The yellow arm still blocks the entrance/exit to Nablus.  A military vehicle is parked by the guard tower and an officer stands beside it.  According to him he is also guarding Madison Way so that Palestinians do not drive onto it.



7:45 a.m. 

There are no soldiers in the checkpoints today.  We made a u-turn in the roadblock area and no one noticed.  A Border Policeman who arrived in his vehicle stops the Palestinian traffic so that we can merge into it safely.  (He sends us to play with our grandchildren.)


A Border Police vehicle is parked at the exit from Huwwara, opposite the entrance to Beita.



There are very few vehicles passing through with no hindrance at all.


At Sha'ar Shomron there is no police presence at the exit from Israel and the inspection at the entrance is very superficial.


*Beinish = Yeshiva students serving a year under their special arrangement.