Awarta, Beit Furik, Habla, Huwwara, Jit, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 22.3.11, Morning

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Dafna Shpizman, Miriam Shayish (reporting) Translator: Charles K



7:07  Habla –

We arrive a little late, the buses had already crossed, about 20 people waiting at the Habla exit gate.  They go through slowly – the commander (from the Nachson-Kfir unit) says it’s because this morning they’re short an MP to conduct the inspections.  He’s already been here a month, and hasn’t yet met anyone from Machsom Watch.  He was curious about what we do.  He told us about a small agricultural gate – 1231, Khirbet Asala, that opens at 05:30, not, as stated, at 06:00.  He also told us about a little incident that occurred before we arrived, the result of crowding at the gate.


Two military vehicles opposite Qedumim.



Jit junction –

2 soldiers, Palestinians not allowed through.


08:00  Palestinians not allowed through the checkpoint at the exit from Yitzhar.



Huwwara is open, traffic flows freely, no soldiers on the road.



Awarta – the “back-to-back” checkpoint is closed.



Beit Furiq – The checkpoint is open, soldiers conducting random inspections.  A car with a sick woman is given priority.  Soldiers are from the Shaked unit, the commander says they set up at least one flying checkpoint every day.



Awarta – Curfew from this morning.  Border Police have pulled spike barriers across the road.  We go into the DCO, which is also closed.  Few Palestinians are waiting for it to open; they tell us the curfew was imposed at 06:00.  A convoy of all kinds of armored military vehicles comes out of Awarta and goes into the DCO.



The western entrance to Awarta is also closed.  Teams of journalists and photographers are there, Palestinians working for French and Chinese networks, waiting for information and for something to happen.  An old woman asks to cross; she’s refused permission.  Very quietly she moves away toward a nearby grove and disappears on her way home.


Za’tara – Wonder of wonders, Palestinian vehicles cross freely, but they interrogate us…