Bethlehem, Mon 27.6.11, Morning

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Hava and Avital (reporting), Ilil N. –B. (translating)



7:30 We arrive at the Bethlehem checkpoint to drive a mother and her babyinfo-icon to   the Hadassah hospital.  We agreed to meet there since it was the fastest way for them.  As soon we arrived and got out of our car, those waiting at the checkpoint said to us, “Where have you been?  It’s a horrible morning, we’ve been waiting for hours.”  When we went into the checkpoint area, we saw that only three of six lanes were open.  Everyone was complaining about a long wait, and loud yelling could be heard from the other side.  A quick phone call to Hanna Barag indicated that a new and ill-experienced unit was manning the checkpoint. 

After half an hour, the young mother arrived and we drove to Hadassah.

Each day brings its troubles.