'Azzun 'Atma, Wed 10.8.11, Morning

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Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting)

Translator: Hanna K. 


Azzun Atma 06:10

About 50 workmen wait outside for transportation.  At the queue about 100 people plod along. All the time new people join the queue. The workmen are checked at two windows, and also by a military policewoman who sits on a chair by a table with a gun on her knees. She writes the name of every person who leaves in a copybook. What does one do with three lists or about 250 people isn't clear. A soldiers stands next to the girl soldier and guards her, when he goes somewhere else she stops checking and stands up.

A man with a child stand next to the main gate to pass without standing in the queue, the soldiers checks them and lets them pass. After they move away the soldier discovers this and calls them urgently back. She takes their documents and begins phoning, and moves away so that she shouldn't be heard. Two minutes later she lets them pass.

Agricultural Gate near Azzun Atma 07:00

The agricultural gate is open between 07:00 to 07:30.

We entered a road which began with a gate that was open. We drove along a narrow paved road along the fence to the gate. A military jeep stopped next to us and an officer who sat in it told us that this was a security road in which civilian vehicle was not allowed to drive. We pointed out that there were no signpost to that effect, and he referred us to the fact that there was a gate at the entrance to this road and that he opened it. The military jeep continued on, and then another jeep arrived, whose mission was to open the agricultural gate. He told us that we could stay, but that a civilian vehicle couldn't stay on this road. In the meantime he did not open the gate and began phoning. Since there was no other alternative Nura returned with the car to the main road and came back on foot a distance of almost one kilometer.

In the meantime the soldiers opened the gate and young boys passed through it on foot or on bicycles, 2 carts, one tender and a flock of sheep headed by a shepherd on a donkey. One Palestinian was forced to return, as well as a small truck and its driver. When we enquired why we were told that their papers were not in order