Bethlehem, Hussan, Halhul - Tuesday morning, 8.11.2011

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Rachel M., Drora Parag (reporting)
Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300, (Rachel’s Checkpoint):  this time there was no presence at the checkpoints because the entrance to the Rachel Checkpoint was closed by police and military. The reason: today is our Matriarch Rachel's birthday. On our arrival at Tantur, the intersection at the entrance to Giloh, we saw a large crowd of black-clad people on the sidewalk, waiting for the buses to drive them to Rachel's Tomb. 

Hussan:  we decided to continue in the direction of Hussan, to the checkpoint behind the isolated house. But alas, we were prevented by a flat tire. Fortunately this occured close to the yellow vehicles awaiting passengers to Hussan. The drivers volunteered to change our tire. We thanked them cordially and paid for the work, and then continued on our way hoping to find a place to fix the tire. But this did not work out because it was a holiday, Id al-adha (the feast of the sacrifice), and everything was closed.

Halhul: so we continued to Halhul to visit the family that has befriended us and whom we are in the habit of visiting during holidays.

Bottom line: this time - no visit to the checkpoints.