'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Huwwara, Tue 27.12.11, Afternoon

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Hanna Aviram and Petahya (reporting).


We drove in Hanna's car.


Habla – the gate was open. The children's bus arrives and undergoes a thorough inspection by two soldiers.

At 14:02, even before they could shut the two gatesinfo-icon, a Palestinian vehicle arrives but it's too late, two minutes have gone by, and he is forced to return and to wait for the evening.

We noticed that cameras had been installed and that the signpost which indicates the opening hours had been removed and in its stead there is a red signpost "military zone, whoever passes or damages the fence endangers himself". 


Huwwara – the CP was empty.

We entered the vegetable shop at Huwwara and they told us that today, from 09:00 a.m. the soldiers have closed the main street at Huwwara, made vehicles return and ordered them to drive through an alternative road. The street was opened for traffic at 15:30 only. They told us that Huwwara CP was also closed and people were made to go back. They were forced to drive through Awwarta and Beit Furiq.

16:10Azoun Atma –

A long queue winds along, the workmen complain that what hurts them is that they are treated like animals. One of them, an elderly man even said "they don't know that the wall of Berlin has fallen, by what right they close us in walls, a day will come…"

From the moment we arrive the checking became quicker and they began passing three workmen together. They complain that the big problem is in the early morning hours.

We were surprised to see workmen passing by a side road and when we asked they said that they are called zero zero. These are workmen who work on 24 hour shifts and they have special authorizations.