'Anabta, 'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Mon 23.1.12, Morning

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Dafna S., Nina S. (reporting), Translator: Chana S


Nablus and Tulkarm checkpoints,

A bit rainy and few go out to work, no military presence on the main roads.  Schoolchildren are on mid-year vacation.

06.30  60 to 70 people in line. There are 3 checking positions.  One is outside the building and has no computer, but people are registered and their belongings checked.

06.40 It starts  to rain and there are still over 40 people in line.  Passage is quick and the line shortens. At 06.50 workers who had crossed begin to return because of the rain – their work being outdoors.  They were happy about the rain in spite of losing a day’s work.  As more and more workers return this slows down the checking as these returnees, too, have to be registered. But at least the latter can shelter under the roofing.

One man pointed out that this is a good day – and we think so, too, in comparison with other days.

We noted that the man no.50 in line, passed through in 14 minutes.

06.55 About 20 people are still in line, all the time with a dribble of new people. A few wait next to the container and when the line is relatively short they join – apparently they are not in a hurry. Without a doubt, because of the rain, there are fewer people than usual.

The boy coffee-seller arrives.  He comes every day before school trying to sell his wares. We don’t want coffee but he refuses just to take money.  Today he asked for an umbrella.  We will try to bring him one next time, as well as a few exercise books.

07.20 Tulkarm. There are very few in line, no doubt because of the rain. We waited for the school busses – but were then told that the children are on a two-week vacation.

07.50 about 10 waiting in line and 4 cars in the car check Eliyahu Cross.

07.55 A military vehicle opposite the entrance is watching.

08.10 Jit Junction  A police car. The policeman is apparently checking a car owner’s documents, helped by a soldier.t

08.20 Deir Sharaf The owner of a bakery reports that there is no news, all is quiet and life is good.  It is interesting that, somewhat like Tel Aviv, when  far from Bil’in or Silwan, his life is good, there is an income and things are relatively quiet – ‘it should just remain so,’ he says.

'Anabta open, we did not see soldiers.08:45