'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Habla, Kufr Jammal, Mon 30.1.12, Morning

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Niva D., Nina S., Roni S.(reporting)

06:40-07:05 Azun Atma:

Many workmen were grouped around bonfires. A cloudy day but not raining. Before we had even reached the gatesinfo-icon they reported to us that this was a good day and the soldiers were working on a "piece-work" basis. There were no workmen waiting on line and as soon as the taxis bringing in the workers approached, the passengers were allowed through efficiently. It may well be that the forecast of rain kept some people at home.

07:15 Habla:

The gate was open and the first team of five workers was on its way out. Two horse-drawn carts passed through smoothly, same with two private vehicles. The schools are still on vacation.

07:30  Four groups of five workmen each  passed through, but some 20-30 people are still waiting on line

07:45 Eliyahu  Crossing:

In the pedestrian lane, before the turnstile, there were some ten people waiting. Three cars were being checked.

07:50-08:00: We noted that it took two cars about 8 minutes each to get through. There now are many cars waiting to be checked and we noticed that a dog was being led in their direction.

Across from the entrance to Azun there were two stationed military vehicles with lights blinking.

 08:15:  Agricultural gate Falamiya

We encountered the owner of the sheep herd, awaiting someone who was supposed to bring him the yield of the morning milking. No other people were waiting though some cars showed up near the passage.

08:35: Kufr Jammal

We had arranged to meet some acquaintances - farmers we knew, to see how matters were, in preparation for a meeting set with the commander of the Civilian Administration: They confirmed that there was no change at all. Despite their requests to the Palestinian DCO and to the Civil Administrationinfo-icon, permits that had been confiscated from the farmers as a punishment had not been returned and the agricultural gates to the olive groves had not been opened. Moreover, the permits they have are to the Sal'it gate, which is opened twice daily and not to the Falamiye gate, which is open throughout the day.

We returned through a beautiful road overlooking the villages of Zibad, Abush, Hajja, reaching Funduk – a landscape of blooming almond trees and anemones. At the foothills of the Gilad we saw signs: Beware of mines.

09:55 Opposite the entrance to Azzun we noticed military vehicles.

We passed easily through Eliyahu Crossing.