'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Thu 19.1.12, Afternoon

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Michal Bostok, Yudith Levin (reporting)

Translator: Hanna K.


A very cold winter day

13:37 Habla CP

Bedouins who live on the other side of the fence were passing at the CP on their way back home,they have been shopping in the area and had many packages, so they underwent a thorough check: "they drove us insane with their checks. Two Bedouin women were checked during seven minutes in the rooms.

13:55 Eliyahu crossing – near a parked police car there are soldiers. They do not check.

14:00 The entrance to the village of Azzun –just as at the last time we passed here – one can see the presence of the army: last time there were 4 soldiers with drawn weapons, today a military jeep is parked here with flickering lights.

14:30 Huwwara CP –all along the road there is a congestion of vehicles driving to Nablus. In the guard tower one soldier is on guard.

The checking posts are not manned. The banners of the settlers are hung, as usual, unhindered, on the CP fence.

14:35 Awarta CP – as usual: there is no passage – the entrance into Nablus via Awarta is blocked by a yellow iron arm. When we entered the village we were told "the army is in the village" – but we so no soldiers.

15:15 Za'tara CP – No soldiers at the checking posts, on the parking lot there is a military truck and soldiers next to it. As usual the banners of the settlers are exhibited for all to see on the CP fence.

15:50 Azzun Atma CP =  Workmen return from a week's working at the settlements. We didn't remain enough time to report on the proceeding of the queue.

We were told that yesterday soldiers threw smoke grenades and/or tear gas on the workmen because the queue didn't proceed in order.

4 people required medical assistance, the ambulance wasn't allowed to enter the CP area, so they had to use a taxi.