'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 16.2.12, Morning

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Eva M. (new member), Estie W. Shos D. Navah E. (reporting)


Natanya translating.


It is impossible not to wonder at the blossoming of the almonds, the green fields which are dotted by anemones.

6.30am Azzun Atma.There is hardly any line. The the commander of the checkpoint says that because of the rain fewer workers are going to their jobs. He does not allow us to enter the area of the checkpoint but there is also no reason to stay and freeze in the cold.

6.40am On the road leading to the agricultural gate many sheep and goats.

The Shomron crossing.No police are present at the exit from Israel.

7.00am Za’tara/Tapuach.No soldiers at the checking posts. The whole area is enclosed with barbed wire.

Yitzhar/Burin checkpoint.No army activity.

7.50am Beit Furik.At the entrance to the village there is no rolling checkpoint. Also at the “permanent” Beit Furik CP. there is no army activity. Opposite Itamar settlement is an army vehicle waiting to catch criminals on the Madison road.  That is Palestinian cars on a road meant only for Jews.

Awarta.The yellow bar still prevents passage.

8.00am Huwwaracheckpoint. An army vehicle is parked there. The soldiers take no notice of us. We turned around, got out of the car and saw no one in the tower.  At the ascent to Bracha settlement two soldiers guard a settler trying to hitch a ride.

At the post opposite the hiking post is a soldier but there is no one trying to get a lift.

Burin/Yitzhar.No army activity.

8.30am Za’tara/tapuach.One soldier with a communications device stands at the checkpoint but shows no interest in the passing cars.

The Shomron crossing.A superficial search of those passing the green line to the west.