'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Qalqiliya, Tue 13.3.12, Afternoon

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Ada Rabin, Petahya Akefa (reporting) Translator: Charles K.




– 13:55. 

The gate is open; a Palestinian man who had been detained sits on the ground next to the inspection room.  The gate closed at 14:15, the man was released and went into Habla so we weren’t able to talk to him.  We asked the soldiers why he was detained; “There’s genocide in Syria,” they replied.  One of the female soldiers began yelling at the others not to talk to us.  


Izbet Tabib

– 14:35.

  We went to Musa Tabib’s home; he’s one of the residents on whose land high tension power lines were erected.  The land is near the plant nurseries at the entrance to Qalqilya.  Musa said the court rejected their petition, and their lawyer isn’t willing to appeal to the Supreme Court.  The lawyer represents the Palestinian Authority; Musa thinks that the Authority is coordinating with the Israeli government.  As it happens, the lawyer is my cousin; yesterday I saw him and asked about the case.  He said there’s no point in going to the Supreme Court, because the power lines benefit the residents.  The Electric Company is increasing electricity supply to the Palestinian localities, and the Supreme Court will deny the petition if the activity is for the benefit of the residents.  They’re planning to hire a lawyer privately.


Huwwara – 15:00.  Nothing special.


Azzun Atma – 16:10. 

A very long line; about 70 people waited and more kept arriving, but everyone was inspected quickly.  The soldiers asked who we are; when we told them we’re members of a human rights organization opposing the occupation they said that no human rights are being violated here.  “We let the Palestinians come through, give them jobs, enable them to make a living, and we have to inspect them to protect Israelis.  Look at what they’re doing in Gaza.  Our government wants to make peace, and they’re bombarding us.”  We didn’t keep arguing.  The line became much shorter and we left.