'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 31.5.12, Afternoon

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Fathia Akfa, Ada Ravon (reporting)

Habla, Sara, Huwwara, Azzun Atma, 31.5.2012. Thursday afternoon. E.

Fathia Akfa, Ada Ravon (reporting)

Natanya translating. .

Congratulations to Nadim and also to us. The new car practically makes going out on the shift a real pleasure. It makes such a difference to the tiredness one feels after the shift.

We came to the Habla gate which they closed at 14.00 exactly. There were no detaineesinfo-icon or people waiting to go through the checkpoint which was placed there by the state/settlers and which stands between the farmers and their lands and livelihood.                                     On the way there was little army presence.  

At Sara, at the entrance of Nablus is a rolling checkpoint.A Hammer and soldiers stand at the top of the hill.

Crossroads of Za’tara./Tapua, the checking posts are not manned and there is little traffic which passes steadily.

Huwwara checkpoint.The tower is manned (as far as we can see one soldier). The checkpoint is open without soldiers and the passage is steady through.

The village of Huwwarais very lively and quite an amount of building. Many shops have reopened and it seems that there is a blossoming of the economy. I asked Nadim and he affirmed that this was so. He said that more permits had been received for workers in the settlements because the pace of building there had increased.  This we also heard from the workers whom we met in Azzun Atma and further on. As if “drugging” as a result of temporary prosperity even if is very partial. This precedes the blows and dispossession of the same people who build the settlements by the lords of the land.  It calms the spirits and so allows for speedy work. The concentration of a population compared to a day of work is a wonderful work force for the settlers and the states. They will make no trouble and will accept any salary.

Azzun Atma.Here we saw the drama of the day. I sent a video yesterday but the second one in which the confrontation with the commander of the checkpoint is depicted is stuck since last night on the way to you tube. In the meantime my keyboard is given me a lot of difficulties and I will change and get back this afternoon.