'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction , Thu 12.7.12, Afternoon

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Yehudit Levin (reporting, photographing), N. – a guest

 Translator:  Charles K.


A very hot day.


13:45  Habla/Gate 1393 – Palestinians on both sides wait in the burning sun to be inspected in the rooms.  A male and a female soldier signal them to advance: 5 people at a time from one side, then from the other.  Two more soldiers sit under the canopy.

A Palestinian:  “You’re not helping.”  We:  “We can’t help – we can only post reports on our website so the world will know.”  “I’ve seen them.  I look at your site.”


14:00  Eliyahu crossing/gate109 –Israeli police and private security guards at the checkpoint.  An army command car arrives from the direction of Nabi Elias.


14:15  Al Funduq –Near the village, an army jeep drives toward us.


14:27  Jit junction –An army jeep arrives and drives up the hill to lie in wait.


14:28  Yair ranch –An army jeep drives toward us near the Yair ranch settlement.


14:36  Burin –An army jeep drives toward us at Burin village.


14:37  An army jeep at the hitchhiking station at the exit from the Beracha settlement.


14:37  Huwwara checkpoint –We saw no soldiers at the inspection stations.


A soldier guards the hitchhiking station at the entrance to the Beracha settlement.


14:38  Awarta –The yellow iron bar blocks the road to Nablus, as usual.


An armored police vehicle drives in front of us on the apartheid road toward Beit Furik.



Beit Furik checkpoint –An army jeep arrives, stops briefly and drives back the way it came.



15:15  Heavy traffic at Huwwara of vehicles coming from the direction of Ramallah.  An army jeep arrives from the same direction.


15:20  A command car joins the line of vehicles driving toward Nablus.


15:25  Za’tara checkpoint –Two soldiers leaning against one of the inspection booths, not conducting inspections.  No congestion.

Today we didn’t see the Israeli police which usually issue tickets at the plaza to Palestinians.


15:35  Hares –A command car, its lights flashing, drives by the Hares traffic light.


15:45  Azzun Atma checkpoint –Today we arrived relatively early, when the laborers return.  Now the line is relatively short.