Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Danger to Regional Security, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Russian Compound

Police investigator: Yosef Ashmuz

Judge: Menachem Lieberman

Defense: Attorneys Mahfuz Rami, Hazam Falah, Mahamid Abadin, Fahmi Shkirat, Firas Sabah

There are 9 cases in the docket; two of them are of detaineesinfo-icon barred (from meeting an attorney).

The first two cases are of the "barred" detainees.

Defense: Attorney Mahfus Rami.

The police requests remand extension for 22 days to complete the investigation.

The first detainee has been in custody since 22.4.09/ On the 26th he gave a statement to the police. He is suspected of activity in an unlawful organization. The police investigator explains that he cannot specify which organization and what position the detainee held in it. He states that the suspect has acknowledged the allegations.

The defense wants to know if the detainee has complained of any medical problems. The investigator says he has not.

Second barred detainee

The police representative requests 11 days remand extension.

The detainee was arrested on 12.4.09/ He is suspected of endangering security in the region and of belonging to an organization that the investigator is not in a position to name. The detainee denies the allegations.

Justice Lieberman asks the investigator to explain why 2 identical reports bearing different dates (written after the previous remand extension) were submitted. He sees no reason to extend the detention, adding that if no satisfactory explanation is provided, he will release the detainee.

A satisfactory explanation is provided and the detention is extended by 8 days.

In his summation, Atty. Mahfuz Rami points out that the detainee has no previous record of security offenses, only of criminal offenses (falsifying an ID card). He moves to release him under conditions the court sees fit.

After hearing the "barred" detainees cases, the attorneys get up to leave. The detainee is brought in. We too leave, prompted by Mr. Ashmuz.

Justice Lieberman asks: Why are the women requested to leave? They are not attorneys; the detainees are barred from meeting with their attorneys, not with regular citizens. Thus we stay for the hearing of the "barred" cases.

The third detainee is represented by Atty. Mahamid Abadin. He is accused of attacking an Israeli target.

The police investigator requests a 5-day remand extension.

Atty. Abadin addresses several questions to the investigator, and when the latter cannot answer them, Abadin requests the judge's intervention.

The judge determines that there is no good reason to keep the detainee in custody. He sets a 3000 shekel bail and orders the detainee to report to the police the coming Monday.

The investigator submits an appeal to reverse the decision, and the detainee is returned to his cell. Since the court is in recess for the next few days, his remand is extended by 72 hours.