Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Thu 20.9.12, Morning

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Natanya G., Yehudit K (reporting) and M behind the wheel


6:30-7:00 am Meitar chekpoint and Route 60 are empty. We mount the steps to the Cordova School and are received with polite patience. The harassment by settlers and army alike continue. Just tow days ago 9th graders were set upon by settlers with a dog, but managed to run away. The teachers testify to problems at the checkpoints and the difficulties of access via the steep steps. Boys and girls study together here until 7th grade and then separate. The building is very well kept.


And a mystery: the road leading from K Arba into Hebron is undergoing road works on a big scale, presumably laying new electricity lines. We were told that the Municipality is doing the work, backed by Saudi money (in H2?!) but then we were told that settlers allegedly objected to local Palestinians working on the job and it has been given to an Israeli contractor who, allegedly, brings workers from Nazareth.  All very, very unclear. Technically, since H! is 'sovreign' Israeli territory as per the Oslo/Wye agreements, Israel should be undertaking the job.  Perhaps someone else can get hold of the right information.