Al Jib (Givat Zeev), Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Wed 19.9.12, Afternoon

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Tamar F., Daniela Y. (reporting)

Trans:ationlJudith Green


14:45  Qalandiya

In the grocery, we watch yesterday's video.  Children throwing stones, a soldier says to the grocery owner, "Do you need the children to continue throwing stones?"  The owner went out of the store, closed the door, but didn't lock it.  At 18:00, the soldier entered the store and threw a tear gas grenade.  You can still feel the gas.  The olives taste like gas.


 We went to Jib.  A youth tries to go through;  a soldier sites behind a tall window with filthy glass.  The youth puts up the green ID card and says 31.  That is his number, he doesn't have a name.  The tall window is like the story of the Turkish Ambassador, the youth stands in a low position.  A long time passes.  The youth enters the nearby room, where they also do inspection;  afterward, they check his number in a notebook and finally let him through.  The Border Policeofficer says, "There are procedures, and you are endangering yourselves in the red area."


In the morning, the passage is slow and at eight it is no longer worth going through, the employer won't take any more workers.  A day of work is wasted.

Someone told us that, during Ramadan, he wanted to go to his sister in Rahat.  He requested a permit, and they told him to come and go - he had to take the request to the Palestinian Authority who were supposed to then pass it on to the DCO.  He doesn't know if the Authority took the trouble to pass on the request.  In the end, he didn't get a permit.  He said that he doesn't even know his sister's young children.


 At Jaba there were blockages in both directions.