'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 20.9.12, Afternoon

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Reporting and photographing: Yehudit Levin

Translator: Hanna K.


13:40 Habla CP – A Bedouin who lives outside the fence expresses interest in our activities at Machsom Watch. I promised that he would be able to see the report at the site.

He is waiting for his family: his wife and children who were checked now in the rooms and are advancing towards him.

We were told that at the 109 CP (at the entrance to the Tzufin settlement, not far from the Eliyahu crossing "they are making our lives difficult".

14:55 Nabi Elyas CP -  there are police vehicles at the exit from Israel.

14:20 – Military jeeps are coming towards us near the village of Jit.

14:28 – We bypass a military armored car (such as is used against demonstrations) on road 60, it is driving in the direction of Burin-Huwwara. On the south-west side there appears the mountain ridge which is being taken over by the settlement of Yitzhar and its satellites.

12:36 Huwwara CP – Even before the square at the entrance to the CP. there is a watch tower opposite the hitch hikers station of the people leaving the settlement of Braha, manned by a soldier.

Behind this watch tower can be seen another one – this one is on the fence of the Huwwara DCO (this one too on the east side of the road).    A changing of the guards now takes place there, as well as at the watch tower of the Huwwara CP.

14:40 – On the main road of Huwwara, at the entrance to the village (coming from the north) there is an Israeli vehicle which underwent an accident. The vehicle is parked on the side of the road, near a private house. There is a soldier keeping watch (on the vehicle?)

There are many cars driving on the roads of the village in both directions. Characteristic for Thursdays.

14:50 Za'tara CP – There is a soldier in the watch tower. The checking booths are not manned. There are two command cars in the parking lot, parked near a private car with Israeli number plates.

15:13 Azzun Atma CP – A room was added  



to the old checking room. Topographical

changes are being carried out – a road is

being enlarged, pavements, asphalt.

This is the reason that the shading net

which have been added not long ago

have not been removed.

What will protect the workers

when they return in the rain?