'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 17.12.12, Morning

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Lea R., Anna N. S.


06.20  A'anin Agricultural CP

At the moment 50-60 people are waiting at the lower gate of the CP. The inspection is going on at the gate in the middle. Many complain that last Thursday at six thirty, they locked the CP while 30 people were still waiting to go through (as was reported). Today, the soldiers waited patiently until the last of those waiting left the CP.

Today none was allowed to transport containers with olive oil to the seamline zone; nor olives. They did not allow the transportation of whitewash for the olive trees. The farmer who tried to protest and explained that the containers of oil are not his, was scolded bitterly and, as he told us, the soldiers threatened to to take away his permit if he continues 'to argue'. 

The people leave the CP with numbers, for the sake of  order. At 06.35 a man with the number 60 leaves and after another quarter of an hour, a man with the number 85 emerges and tells us that another 35 people are waiting.


07.15 Tura-Shaked CP

The school children have already gone through to school on the West Bank.

The CP is closed down for a few moments because the electricity 'fell'. (If the names of people are not  saved in the computer, it is as if they have not left through this CP.) This time the passage is slow, because  people enter the pavilion one at a time.


7.40 A., the man who always smiles, comes out. Today he is angry: "Is this how you safeguard the security of your state? Since 07.00 o'clock I have been waiting here."  We are told that on the side with the queue another 40 people are waiting.


08.00 Barta'a-Reihan CP

Those going through are swallowed into the terminal. Someone says that they  go through quickly only when we are here. 'Sometimes they let us 'dry out' before they open the gatesinfo-icon for us'. They have closed the entrance for the vehicles on their way to Ya'abed, from the road that leads to the Dothan CP. They claim that children throw stones on patrols of the IDF in the area and that is at the expense of the entire population.