Reihan, Shaked, Sat 26.1.13, Morning

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Bruria A., (Guest), Rachela H., Noa L. (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


07:25-08:00 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

The checkpoint is open wide and there is traffic flowing in both directions.  Crossing is relatively quick.  A man from Tura approaches us; he has a permit to cross and he crosses the checkpoint daily with his herd of goats.  The new checkpoint attendant, a military policewoman whose name we don't know, has not allowed him to bring his herd of goats across because she claims it is not listed in his permit.  He asks if we can help.  He has already appealed to the Liaison and Coordination Administration, without results.  We have the man's personal details.


08:10-08:50 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

There are still many taxis waiting in the upper parking lot – a sign that a lot of people are still held up in the terminal.  People coming out tell us that there are, indeed, a lot of people in the terminal.  We meet Ron, the checkpoint commander, and his assistant, near the turnstile below.  They explain that they are doing their best under the circumstances, which are beyond their control.  Ron invites the members of our organization to tour the checkpoint and see all the renovations that have been introduced, particularly in the vehicle crossing. "Today it takes no more than 10 minutes for vehicles to cross," he claims.   When we exited we saw vehicles which had waited more than that, and others joining the line.  As for the people waiting inside, he explained, "I's Saturday and there are more people than usual, so it takes longer."  


When we exit the sleeveinfo-icon we meet a person who has relatives in Australia and a visa to visit there, but he has to arrange papers for other members of his family here who would like to be reunited with the family.    He needs to get to the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv.  He has put in a request to the Liaison and Coordination Administration and was refused.  In other words, he can get to Australia, but not to Tel Aviv!  We have the man's personal details.