Habla, Huwwara, Beit Furik, Awarta, Za'tara, Azzun Atma, Thur. 29.11.12 afternoon

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Yehudit Levin, reporter and photographer


Translated by Suzanne O.


Tonight Palestine was accepted by a majority as an observer nation at the UN.


At the main junctions (Za'tara, Hares, Barokin) settlers have set up metal Chanukah lights for the festival of Chanukah.


Habla checkpoint


Light traffic of those going to and fro.   They were examined in the rooms.



Two command cars were parked opposite the entrance to Jit village.


Huwwara checkpoint


The lights at the roadblock were lit.  At the roadblock itself we didn't see any soldiers; armed soldiers were stationed at the two hitchhikers' stops.


At the same time two weeks ago we saw a demonstration in support of Abu Mazen.


Today, the day Palestine was accepted into the UN, there will be a celebration this evening.


Beit Furik checkpoint


Not staffed.


Awarta checkpoint


Locked up.



4 police and military jeeps cross the main road of Huwwara village.


Za'tara/Tapuach checkpoint


There are two soldiers in the check point.  They do not examine anyone.  A command car is parked in the car park.



A command car is parked beside the deserted house opposite Marda village.


On the way to Shomron, from the other side on Road No. 5, 2 white minibuses are parked, Palestinian labourers stand outside them and, next to them, soldiers.



Just past Shomron – ID numbers are taken from the driver and from me and we are sent to the caravan to be examined.  We are told that this is a routine examination, today every other car is being examined (we didn't see any other cars being examined apart from us).


Azzun Atma checkpoint


Labourers are returning home after a week's work, they are examined at the entrance.


A new awning is being erected.