Etzion DCL, Thu 21.2.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporting)

Charles K. (translating)

Etzion DCL, 13:30 PM:   a young man approached us complaining he was refused an entry permit to Israel.  He said his wife is Israeli and that he was caught without a residence permit by the Border Police.  They knocked him down and kicked him all over his body and head.  When they saw his condition was serious they called an ambulance and two Border Police soldiers took him to Hadassah Ein Karem.  That was in October but he still doesn’t feel well and wants to return to the hospital to be examined.  He requested an entry permit to Jerusalem but was refused because he’s “blacklisted by the Shabak.”  We referred him to Sylvia.

The uncle of a 15 year old girl requested an entry permit to accompany her to Augusta Victoria hospital where she undergoes dialysis three times a week.  He was refused because only first-degree relatives get permits, which he isn’t.  The uncle explained that other relatives aren’t able to accompany her because the father is ill; his legs were injured and he can’t walk.  Her mother takes care of a babyinfo-icon and can’t be away from it for a long period of time.  We spoke to the officer; she agreed to issue a permit to the mother and the uncle instead of the father, till August.

A man requiring urgent eye surgery at Saint John hospital told us they wanted him to make a new appointment for the operation and request an entry permit two weeks prior to that date so the Shabak will have enough time to investigate.  We gave him Chana’s phone number, in the event he’s again turned down.

A deaf-mute man who’s nevertheless able to communicate told us his wife is also a deaf-mute, “half” Jewish, from Israel.  He received a long-term residence permit valid until June with the help of the Peres Center, but he’s afraid it won’t be extended.  We suggested he contact the Ministry of Interior as well as an attorney.