Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Mon 18.3.13, Morning

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Netaneya, Noa, Hagit B. (reporting and photos)


Guests:  Two tourists from the US accompanying Netanya

Translator:  Charles K.









In photo: flying checkpoint in Dahariyya.


Meitar crossing

There are no more people crossing on foot when we drive away and vehicles cross quickly, without problems.


Highway 60 

A flying checkpoint at Dahariyya – reservists, very strict, stopping almost every car – it’s not clear why.  One man waits a very long time because he doesn’t have his ID with him.  Annoying…

In general, almost no military vehicles.



Much less military presence than last week.  Nor is anyone detained.  The road on the worshipper’s route has been repaired.


Two occupation stories:

1.  The carpenter living on the Tzion route (below Beit Hameriva) who wants a permit to bring his vehicle in (40 Palestinians already have such a permit) has been refused for more than a month…He asks us for help – Captain Amir puts him off, sends him hither and yon…He notices us next to Beit Hameriva and asks for our assistance – we gave him Chana’s phone number; we hope she can help him.  His family and his pregnant wife who can barely descend the stairs down to their home past Beit Hameriva wait in the car…


2.  A Border Police soldier in the parking lot opposite the Cave of the Patriarchs is “nice” to us until he realizes we’re a left wing organization, and stops talking to us.  He also yells at an Arab tour guide from East Jerusalem with a blue ID card who wants to park next to ‘Abed’s shop – you’re an Arab; you can’t park here.


Apartheid and the occupation routine.  One of the tourists who’s with us says, “it’s a ghost town”…and I have nothing left to say.