Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan, Thu 11.4.13, Morning

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Neta Golan, Shula Bar (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translator:  Charles K.


No effort is made to open the checkpoints at a set time.

Those manning the checkpoints are still refusing entry to people who don’t appear to be dressed in a manner “appropriate” to a Palestinian fellah.


06:10-07:00  People may cross through the A’anin checkpoint only if their clothes are dirty.

It’s quiet, silent.  There are indications that soldiers are at the checkpoint, but no one goes through.  That lasts until 06:30.  Inspections were conducted in the middle of the checkpoint, behind the main gate.  Only 20 people went through by 07:00, at a very slow rate.  Those exiting said the computer was down and information was being recorded by hand.  Well – that explains everything.


The mistreatment continues of people claiming they’re on their way to work in the fields but are dressed too cleanly.  A female soldier with a well-developed sense of fashion sends home those she thinks are dressed too elegantly for manual labor.  That seems to her very suspicious.  It’s clear that the Palestinians have already developed ways to outwit her and the MPs’ fashion decrees.  Neta spoke to the soldier on duty at the DCO about delays in allowing people through; I spoke to him about the clothes – but the soldier, despite his willingness to help, didn’t really understand who I was, what we’re doing at the checkpoint, why aren’t they allowing us through, and are we really sure that the military police are picking on Palestinians because of the clothes they’re wearing…


07:10-07:25  The Shaked checkpoint also awakens slowly.

Here too they opened late; a line of little children and adults formed on the seam zone side, and of laborers on the Tura side.  Crossing began at about 07:15, calmly, everyone knows what’s allowed and what’s forbidden, only holders of crossing-permits show up, so what’s not to like?  Why should any problems arise?  What a successful occupation.


07:25-07:50  Yabed-Dothan checkpoint

The side road to Yabed that turns off the main road to Jenin is blocked to cars by a heavy yellow iron bar, one of the occupation’s earmarks.  In addition, a military jeep was parked there, apparently to prevent people from going through on foot.


We arrived at the checkpoint and here, too – life had come to a halt.  Cars waited on both sides while the soldiers conducted some kind of attack/defense exercise, ran around with their weapons, fell to the ground, kneeled, squinted and aimed, etc.  Finally they gathered around a low-ranking officer who apparently summed up their fling and went on his way.  And then the crossing opened; traffic flowed in both directions without delays while we were there.


08:00  Reihan checkpoint

We drove by without entering this large, busy checkpoint.  Seven commercial vehicles waited to have their loads inspected.  The parking lot is jammed.  Few people were in the fenced corridor leading up from the terminal.