'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Shomron Crossing, Tue 27.11.12, Afternoon

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Karin Lindner, Shoshi Inbar (reporting and photographing) Translator: Charles K.


13:20  Habla.  The gate is open.  Four youths and two women leave the village.  Two pickup trucks from the plant nurseries leave loaded with seedlings.  No lines.  People cross quickly.  The school bus arrives and crosses; only a few children are aboard.  Two trucks enter Habla.  An Israeli from Kfar Saba arrives in his vehicle to take two Palestinian youths to work in Israel.  He praises our work.

Used clothing is scattered in the shed where people wait; apparently someone wasn’t allowed to bring them to Habla – the checkpoint is intended only for agricultural produce.

The law must be obeyed!



A number of military and police vehicles at the gas station at the Alfei Menashe junction.  In response to our question the reservists tell us they stopped for coffee.


13:55  Eliyahu gate.  Four vehicles and a bus on line for inspection.  The entrance to Shomron is open.


14:15  Azzun.   We unloaded many parcels at Z.’s house that we’d brought for his shop.


15:00  Shomron gate.  Sparse traffic in both directions.


15:25  Azzun Atma.  Construction of the shed continues.  A truck blocks the exit and entry of vehicles until 16:00.  Pedestrians cross quickly.  Two donkey carts wait for the vehicle entrance to open.


Three or four tractors work between Azzun Atma and Oranit, north of the road.  What infrastructure is being prepared?


Oranit junction.  We turned right at the plaza, next to the Electric Company’s installation at Elkana.  We photographed a sign reading “Haim’s Route” on the road blocked by a fence.


Shomron gate terminal (Oranit).  Many buses arrive, coming to and from the Shomron; three in five minutes.  Heavy traffic.  We came in the wake of Dalya’s report but didn’t see police removing Palestinians from buses.  We wonder whether we’re standing in the right place.