Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Sun 28.7.13, Morning

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Lea Shakdiel, Yael Agmon (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


Meitar/Sansana crossing

At 05:45 we reached the Meitar crossing.  Dozens of people stand on the hill, on their way to enter Israel, and dozens of Palestinians stand watching them, as do we.  The sight amazed us, and we thought about the injustice:  so many people without permits, but nothing happens.  Why isn’t there someone smart enough to understand that opportunities to work in Israel should be officially increased, that Palestinians should not have to be afraid?!  What purpose do these restrictions serve?


06:00  The checkpoint is empty; Palestinians arriving cross easily.  But people whose permits are valid from 07:00 or from 08:00 are sent back to wait.


At 06:20 we leave.  On the way to the car we hear a rumor that someone has been shot and wounded by the army.  A few minutes later the rumor is that the injury resulted from an argument between two workers, and by the time the vehicle carrying the injured man leaves the area the rumor is that he was injured going through the fence.  Who knows – but all agree that no shots were fired.


Southern Hebron Hills

06:40  Military jeeps are parked at the turnoffs to side roads before and after Dura junction; the soldiers appear bored.

The Ma’on settlement is being expanded toward Tawwani.



06:45  Beit Haggai junction.  The entrance to Hebron on the old Highway 60 is open to Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, but not to Jews.  Army and Border Police vehicles park at the entrance.  New signs have been erected on the highway so vehicles will know which way to go.

Construction continues in Hebron of the shortcut from Kiryat Arba.

At the Curve 160 checkpoint we found the headquarters of the feminist squad, the one whose work Leah Shakdiel disrupts.