'Azzun, Habla, Tue 3.9.13, Afternoon

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Karin L., Nurit Popper, Shirit H., Shoshi Inbar (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

Sylvia has sent us to meet four blacklisted Palestinians and have them sign forms.


12:55  Habla.  No one is at the entrance to the village.

13:00  The military vehicle arrives, five people get out including two MPs.  It’s very hot; they get organized slowly.  People start arriving but the gatesinfo-icon are closed.

13:10  The first five leave Habla toward the revolving gate.

13:15  I try to find out the reason for the delay but the soldier turns his back and walks away.

13:17  The first people finally go through.  The pickup truck from the plant nurseries goes through, also a tractor and a horse cart.

13:20  Two Palestinians, a wagon and a tractor enter.

13:25  The children’s vehicle exits.  Only a few boys are in it.

13:30  We leave.


13:35  Arab a-Ramadin.  The village is quiet.  Flowers have been planted at the school.  Earthworks underway.  It’s not clear what’s planned here.


13:40  Eliyahu checkpoint.  No lines.


13:45  Azzun.  We meet the first blacklisted person.  Shimrit has him sign the forms.

We visit our friend Z. to give him goods for his second-hand store.


We continue toward Ariel.


15:00  In Abu Ali’s restaurant at the entrance to Ariel we meet three blacklisted people whom Sylvia is dealing with.

One, from Jama’in, tells us there are signs in the olives groves near the village of plans for a rail line (north-south).

After inspecting ID cards, getting their signatures and money for the fees we leave, hoping we’ll be able to help.


15:45  Tapuach junction.  A soldier and dog carefully inspect a Palestinian car.


16:00  Huwwara checkpoint.  The flag flies from the tower.  Traffic flows in both directions.  We go toward the tower and three Giv’ati soldiers immediately come toward us to find out where we’re going.  They say no one proceeds on foot to Nablus from Tapuach junction, and in any case we’re in Area A, which isn’t permitted.


We stop for falafel and sweets in Huwwara.


16:45  Back to Tapuach junction.  Along the way we see a traffic jam on the road to Nablus.  A military vehicle is parked to the right. 

Ten Palestinian vehicles in the inspection lane at the junction.  Traffic flows.  A dog handler leads her dog.  A Palestinian vehicle is being checked from all sides by a dog; it sticks its head in and out of the car.  What do they hope to find there??


17:10  Shomron checkpoint.  We go through easily even though we didn’t take down the banner; they ask only where we’re coming from.  Ariel, of course!


17:15  Azzun Atma.  About 20 people waiting on line to enter the inspection station.  The line is orderly.  Settlers’ cars arrive, Palestinian laborers get out and join the line.

Soldier, to the next Palestinian on line:  “Come.”  Dear soldier, do you think you could say “please”??


17:30  We leave.


The end.