'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Jayyus, Shomron Crossing, Tue 1.10.13, Afternoon

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Karin L., Shoshi I. (reporting and photographing) Translator: Charles K.


12:50  We arrived early; while waiting for the gate to open we talked with M., from Habla.  He’s worked in Israel 40 years, knows Israelis very well and has good relations with many of them, but doesn’t believe Israelis want peace.  He doesn’t understand why he needs a permit from Israel to reach his land.  He asks:  How can talks be going on while settlements continue to be built?


13:05  I go ask the soldiers why the gate hasn’t opened; it turns out that as of today, October 1, the gate is open from 13:15 to 14:15.

13:15  The first six people cross, as well as the pickup truck from the plant nurseries.  A horse cart and donkey cart leave the village.  Five of the those who crossed walk toward the revolving gate.  A tractor comes from Habla, followed by a truck and a bulldozer.

13:25  A woman and three young people come out, heading toward the fields.  The area empties; we leave.


13:50  Eliyahu checkpoint.  Three vehicles wait for inspection in the Palestinians’ lane.



13:50  The northern gate is open.  From today, for the period of the olive harvest, it will be open in the afternoon from 13:00 to 14:00.  No one is crossing.  Soldiers say only a few went through this morning.  The gate has been renovated.  It seems to have recently been repainted, but has since been blackened by burning tires.


Shomron Gate checkpoint

15:10  About six vehicles on line in each lane.  We answered the usual question about where we’re from, and were asked to open the trunk for inspection.



15:20  We stopped next to the wall painted brown and yellow.  In the center of the wall is an opening for a paved road to the Tamar checkpoint.

A sign off to the side:  “The Haim Road – named for Haim Landau, the former Minister of Transportation.”

A boy rides through the opening on a bicycle and disappears behind the wall.  An Israeli working there bothers to let me know it would be better if we left.

Notwithstanding his suggestion, we stay and photograph.


Azzun Atma  It’s quiet.  Three Palestinian laborers get out of an Israeli car and are quickly inspected.