'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Shomron Crossing, Sun 29.9.13, Morning

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Ana S. Tamar S., Aliyah S.(reporting)
9:30  We entered the territories through Shomron Gate. there was nothing unusual there.
Azzun 'Atma At the first checkpoint, where some workers were standing around, we asked if the other checkpoint at the farther side of the village was closed. The men said that it was closed. We turned and went east toward Immanuel. We passed Haris which was open. We passed the Barkan Industrial zone and then went past the red sign telling us that we were entering Area A. We went on through Bidia, noting how many shops that once were filled with Israeli shoppers for furniture, were now closed.
We passed through the village Saniriya, and then Beit Amin where a soldier had been killed. We saw that the barrier was again open and we could go to the other side of Azzun Atma. At the checkpoint into Azzun Atma 6 soldiers were checking trucks.We saw that after being checked a truck was then allowed to go through into the village. One soldier came to us and offered us water which was very nice of him.
We returned the way we had come and ate falafel in Azzun. We then went on to Eliyahu Gate. As usual, we removed our Machsom Watch tags before we got to the gate. As usual when asked by the young lady at the gate where we had been Nadim said, "Qedumim". Ana said, "Driving in the area of Qedumim."  She then checked our ID cards.
As was very unusual she told Nadim to drive the car into the fenced off area for checking. We were told to get out of the car, to take all our belongings with us, to put our bags through the scanner and to go through the people scanner. Nadim had to take all his things out of the car. Then the car was checked, in the front seat, the back seat and the baggage. We were then permitted to get back into the car, leave the checking area, and head for home. Maybe the young lady was trying to impress her superiors. It was an interesting experience.