Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Wed 9.10.13, Afternoon

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Ruthy T. and Hannah H. Translation Dvora K.

14:00 - 15:30


Tura-Shaked CP - 14:00

Pupils of different ages are coming back from school to the seamline zone without any inspection. Most of them cross on the road (not in the sleeveinfo-icon). The little children are very excited when they see the telephone taking pictures and they spend some time in our company making a lot of noise. Vehicles and people with packages go through in both directions. We are told that the olive harvest will begin after the holiday (on Sunday, October 20). 


Barta'a-Reihan CP   14:30 

The seamstresses and the workers are coming back from the seamline zone and from Israel. Many of them are carrying packages with things they bought for the holiday. Workers who usually sleep over in Israel are also coming back for the holiday. 

Workers of the second shift in the industrial zone of SHAHAK are leaving the terminal The students from the University of Jenin are now returning for a long vacation; most of them go through quickly but one student complains that he was delayed because of his computer.

For a long time, we have noticed that there is a wheel chair in the terminal. This time, when an older woman arrived from Jenin, limping, Ruthy succeeded in convincing them to take the chair out for her, and one of the people who do the cleaning pushed the woman up the incline to the parking lot.

A disabled man who has a kidney ailment and bought a car, asked for us to  help. In principle, he can go through the Tura CP in his car, but he was not allowed to do so with the excuse that we hear far too many times. Despite the fact that the Authority sent all the necessary documents to the police in Beth- El, the car still has not received a  licence number in the computer of the Tura CP. Apparently it is 'stuck' in the DCO. At the DCO they do not answer the phone and cut us off.