'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Jayyus, Mon 5.8.13, Morning

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Rahel A., Rahel Y., Nora R.(reporting)

'Observers: Rahel A., Rahel Y., Nora R.(reporting)


06:00: A new addition to the CP: The entrance courtyard is shut off by three plastic barriers(?). "Military zone" - announces the hostile sergeant: "Off bounds and you cannot pass through". When we finally got there we found a considerable number of Palestinians already outside, awaiting their employers. At the entrance we found, near a police vehicle, a policeman and a non-uniformed man armed with a revolver on his belt, and three ankle-cuffed young Palestinians. Before we had a chance to inquire on what was going on, the man opened the detaineesinfo-icon' cuffs and sent them off to their village through the CP.

06:10: Night-shift workmen from the Hanson Plant arrive and the soldier told them to line up at the entrance and pass through one-by-one for computer checking. I remarked that this procedure was unusual, to which he replied that it was in favor of the workmen as they needed to be on the computer list confirming that they had returned. He then added that he wouldn't go on talking with me. The Palestinians confirmed that when they had entered Israel they hadn't gone through an electronic procedure at all.

Five youths arrived at the CP from the main road. Apparently they had crossed through with appropriate permits and an army jeep stopped them, confiscated their ID's and told them to return to the CP to get them back. They were walking with  great effort, perspiring in the heat, and angry! The soldier returned their ID's and sent them off back to 'Azzun-'Atma. The "military zone" enclosure prevented me from trying to clarify what was going on! No one to talk to!

06:50: Left the CP area.

07:15: Habla: The gate is open and the process of checking the Palestinians in groups of five is going on. A novelty is a further check-up by a military-police-woman who again checks all the permits before allowing them to go on their way.

Towards the closureinfo-icon of the CP we were off to N. in Jayyus and brought him a pack of old clothes. Further parcels were delivered to Z. in 'Azzun.